A dryback PVC floor is a 2.5 mm thick PVC floor to be glued to the subfloor. A dryback can be installed in 2 ways, namely: * glued directly with a suitable glue (see glue advice) on a leveledĀ  surface. This is the normal installation method, usually for large rooms and especially when laying in several rooms. The surface must be flat leveled. The execution is best done by a professional. * glued to the EasyFix self-adhesive underlay. Usually in areas where the floor can be removed afterwards, such as rental areas. The substrate must also be flat leveled, but installation can be done by yourself.


The latest development in floating (loose) PVC floors with click system. The subfloor does not have to be leveled, but it must be flat. The SPC core consists of a combination of stone powder and PVC, equipped with the Triple-S technology. The underlay is already attached to the SPC and this product can therefore be installed immediately.