Sense LVT flooring

A high-quality and comfortable floor with the appearance of real wood or natural stone? Reliable, sound-absorbing, waterproof, durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly? We offer suitable floors for every living and working environment.

Muro wallcoverings

Muro wall tiles and wall panels are the alternative to ceramic tiles, among other things. Muro transforms a wall quickly and easily.

PRODINEX BV is the specialist in floors and wall coverings! We stand for pure, natural and quality. Prodinex supplies products that are easy to maintain and easy to install, with a good quality and price ratio. We have over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry and Prodinex was founded in 2013 out of pure passion.

The Prodinex designs are unique, pure and stand for quality.

Prodinex has a unique range with clean floors and wall coverings. We believe in an organization with short lines of communication, a low cost structure and a small but strong team. We provide excellent customer service and have a close relationship with our dealer network.

Prodinex has two professional brands;

Sense: PVC/LVT and SPC floors

That makes Sense!

SENSE PVC floors are luxury vinyl floors for both residential and commercial use. Our floors have their own design and are produced in-house. The short supply chain from production to sales results in the best price-quality ratio. Fast delivery is ensured by the large available stock.

“Sense is as pure as a toy.”

MURO: SPC wall panels

The new generation of wallcoverings!

Muro wall tiles and wall panels are the alternative to ceramic tiles, among other things. With Muro, a wall is transformed quickly and easily.

Direct bonding on flat and even uneven surfaces. The stable and strong SPC core and the drop down connection system always ensure a flat wall.

“Muro has been developed to cover or transform a wall quickly, easily and sustainably.”

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